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How high can you score?!

This is a space themed obstacle avoidance game where you must traverse asteroid fields to make it to the next warp.

Get ready for a fast-paced trip through space as you dodge asteroids and get to the next warp! Pick up shields to make your journey last longer and grab the blue asteroids to give you a massive points boost! Random level progression means you will never play the same series in a row! 

Easy to pick up and quick, addictive game play will make you want to play it one more time! 

Controls for PC:

Boost/Move UP             ===      space bar (any time you see "tap")
move left/right                ===     A & D, J & L or the   <-   &   ->   arrow keys
use ships powers             ===     left SHIFT (for Cosmopod and Kraken ships)
mouse "swipe"(below )  ===    Star Chaser (phase leap)
(left and right movement while clicked)  

Best score is over 20,000! Can you beat it?

This will be released for mobile devices in a few months. Feedback is welcomed! 

StatusIn development
Release date Aug 20, 2018
AuthorFox and Lion Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsaddictive, Asteroids, boost, Fast-Paced, Funny, galactic, Pixel Art, rocket, Space, warp
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions


Launch .exe file

Currently PC only - mobile coming in a few months



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Nice work! I had a lot of fun playing it. The difficulty of each stage seemed quite mixed - this is due to the random level generator?

Hey jsozzy! yes it is due to a random level generator! I am actually developing a more structured, "randomized difficulty progression" for a future update and to be adapted into the mobile platform release. With this, I am creating new levels that will range in difficulty and not appear until certain score milestones as to fit the skill level required. Let me know of any other feedback or questions you have! Thanks!

Fun game!

Thank you!

I enjoyed this game. Good job !

Thanks for the play!