A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the open seas, matey!

Here ye be needing quick reflexes an' ter have good aim! Ye've got a GROWING bounty on yer head, raise it as high as ye can by causin' destruction and collecting booty ter become the most infamous pirate captain who'er lived. Chase down those merchant ships an' plunder their holds, avoid the Queen's Militia an' fire yer cannons at who'er ye wish.

Is it a pirate's life for ye?!


A or Left arrow = move left

D or Right arrow = move right

Mouse aims yer cannons an' the left mouse button fires 'em


Programming, Design, Sound Effects: Jeff Minbiole - minbiole.jeff@gmail.com

Art, Design: Lily Minbiole - minbiole.lily@gmail.com

Music: Dimension Lord - dimensionlord.newgrounds.com - dimensionlord9999@gmail.com

Various Sound Effects from freesound.org



Sea Fury



All assets were created for the jam except for a the few sound effects obtained from freesound.org, credits to the creators above. Eligible for contest entry. KN7775

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file, open the .exe to play


Bilge Rat's Bounty.zip 5 MB